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5 Tips To Buy Affordable Men’s Clothes Online

If you go by the latest report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend on an average $1,700 each year on clothing alone. Not only is this number huge, it more than the amount spent by drivers on gas.


But unlike gas which is a necessity, some of the clothes you bought were purely on impulse and were truly not necessary at that point in time. But what’s done is done and to help you make the best out of every dollar, in this article we will discuss about 5 tips to buy affordable trendy mens clothing.


  1. Cash only- Research has found that you are likely to spend less when you are paying by cash. The underlying principle behind this being, it hurts a little bit more when you pay in cash rather just swiping your credit card. Also, there is only a limited amount of cash your wallet can hold, so that’s another advantage.
  2. Time matters- Most people don’t know this, but there are seasons when the price of clothing dips to its lowest. If you have a friend that works in the retail industry find out the name of the months from him or her. To give you a hint, October is the best month for those denim’s you have been eyeing for so long.
  3. Rent it out- You have a party next week,and you want to wear a fashionable tuxedo to woo everyone. Instead of buying one for yourself, that will sit in your wardrobe for years to come after the party, rent it out for a night. There are plenty of affordable men’s clothing websites out there which will rent you pieces of clothing for a night or two at incredibly affordable prices.
  4. Find out the cost per wear- The best way to know if a particular piece of clothing will be worth your hard money, follow this simple rule. Divide the total price of the clothing by the number of times you are likely to wear it. The more number of times you wear it, the more will be your return on investment. Therefore try spending more on regular basics and less on one time wear luxury pieces.
  5. Don’t buy dry clean only- A substantial amount of clothing these days come with dry clean only instructions. If you want to save money in the long run, try and avoid these outfits. Because every time you wear it, you will have to send it for a dry cleaning session which can cost an extra 6 to 10 dollars.

Saving money while buying clothes online is an easy task when you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above. So go ahead and shop your new set of affordable mens clothes today!

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